Planification à l'entrepreneuriat

Is this business viable for you?

A document to help you determine if your business venture is worth pursuing.

10 Steps to Starting a Small Business

A simplified breakdown of the most common considerations when starting a business.

Incorporation Overview

An overview of the pros and cons of incorporating your business.

Claiming Business Income and Expenses

A document to help prepare you for tax season as an Entrepreneur.

Sales Tax and HST

How to register an HST account and a breakdown of your sales tax responsibilities.

Securing Funds for Your Business

Preparing you to inquire about small business loans or financing.

Business Plan Overview

A simple overview of the components of a business plan and how it can provide your business value and clarity.

Software for Small Business

User-friendly software solutions to manage important aspects of a modern day business.

Hiring Your First Employee

Steps and considerations when hiring your first employee and how to apply for a payroll account.

Intellectual Property in Canada

A chart breakdown of options to protect your product or service in Canada.


A summary of what constitutes a non-profit and how you can establish one.

Glossary of Financial Terms

Definitions of commonly used terms in business and finance.