Every business has to start someplace, so why not now? TBC has the tools, funds, and resources to help you learn the ins-and-outs of getting your idea off the ground. All for free!


Starter Company Plus

Whether you’re starting from scratch or expanding your existing enterprise, TBC is here to get you going with this free program! We recognize entrepreneurs, while focused across many industries, still have a handful of things in common.

Game Plan! - A Business Basics Workshop

Creating a business plan is one of the most important steps for running your business. It is a living document that will help keep you and your business operations on track to ensure your venture is sustainable, efficient, and is able to hit and surpass its goals. A business plan is also the key to open countless doors that lead to opportunities for your business. While it may seem daunting, this free program is here to assist you through the process of creating your own business plan.

The Coaching for Success Program

The Coaching for Success Program is a structured business coaching program that has been developed to help entrepreneurs and small businesses grow, expand, and reach their next level of success. Industry experts will help you by sharing their ideas and insightful perspectives throughout the business coaching process.

Business Planning


Glossary of Financial Terms

The following are some commonly used financial terms with definitions that maycome up in discussions around business planning, funding, the sale of a businessand/or the transfer of ownership. These terms are commonly used by investors,bankers, consultants, advisors, and mentors.

Business Plan Overview

This overview will provide you with an outline of what is involved in creating a business plan, what information is required and some tips and tricks to assist you. A full Business Plan Guide is available at your request at TBC.

Quick Facts Guide

This guide will provide you with information when starting a business including business structures, insurance, HST, licenses, employees, and more and also includes important contact information.

Incorporation Overview and Facts

This guide covers the basics of incorporating including types of corporations, choosing a corporate name, advantages and disadvantages of incorporating and important contacts.

Hiring your First Employee

This guide covers the initial details everyone should understand before hiring their first employee.

Starter Company Plus Information Package

Information Package for Starter Company Plus, please read before filling out an application for the program.

Starter Company Plus Application

Starter Company Plus Application, please ensure that you have read the Information Package before filling out the application to ensure that you are eligible before applying.

Claiming Business Expenses

Overview of claiming your business income for self-employed individuals.

HST Overview

Quick overview on the process of registering for HST.

Intellectual Property In Canada

A quick glance in chart format of what each form of intellectual property represents in Canada.

Is this Business Viable for You? - Questions to ask yourself

This document provides some starting questions that every entrepreneur should ask themselves before partaking in their business venture.

Master Business Licence Overview and Facts

This document provides you with information on your Master Business Licence, such as: cost, when to renew, what to do if your licence is expired beyond 60 days, how to change information on your licence, and how to get a new copy of your licence if you misplace it.