Youth in Business

Preparing the next generation of entrepreneurs for success is vital to the prosperity of our community. TBC encourages students to join these programs and take their first steps into the journey of running their own businesses.


Full-time students are more than capable entrepreneurs, which is why TBC gives students between the ages of 15 and 29 the opportunity to run their own small business venture over the summer months. Successful candidates will receive a cash injection of up to $3,000, no strings attached, to help develop their plan, while being able to bank all the profits of their venture from the summer! You will also receive business training, guidance and mentoring while gaining valuable business and leadership skills.


The High School Entrepreneurial Outreach Program introduces high school students to the concepts of entrepreneurship and allows them to explore their ideas as potential solutions for problems that may one day be incorporated into a business venture.


Progressively introduce foundation-level principles as students manage their own company in a fun and engaging learning environment.

The Experiential Learning Stream run by The Business Centre features a series of projects designed to give high school students in the Nipissing and Parry Sound districts hands-on learning in entrepreneurship, leadership and business decision-making. This is done through camps, workshops and the MikesBikes Introduction to Business Simulation. MikesBikes is an online business simulation run by Smartsims, where students are given their own company to manage while competing against other student-run companies.

The Experiential Learning Stream consists of a total of five hours teaching on strategy and business decision-making. The MikesBikes simulation is then used by students to trial different decisions to see the impact of these and learn what is required to achieve the highest profits possible. The simulation helps students to learn the impact of individual decisions, the cross-functional nature of these decisions, and how to read and interpret financial statements.

"Students learn very quickly that business involves many inter-connected variables required for success and how to structure decision-making to maximize results. We also like the almost immediate financial and non-financial feedback the students get when they submit their inputs for processing" says Bob Walpole, Project Manager at The Business Centre. "Students love the game and the competition among their peers. There are many Aha! moments. For us, it is a wonderful learning and teaching tool."

Bob Walpole said that The Business Centre chose MikesBikes for its ease of use, affordability, accessibility and because they were able to adapt the simulation to fit the needs and academic background of the students. "Students tell us they love playing with the software and teachers keep asking us to return to their classes year after year".