Business Planning

Youth and Entrepreneurship Coordinator Internship Job Posting

Resumes due November 25th.

Business Plan Overview

This overview will provide you with an outline of what is involved in creating a business plan, what information is required and some tips and tricks to assist you. A full Business Plan Guide is available at your request at TBC.

Quick Facts Guide

This guide will provide you with information when starting a business including business structures, insurance, HST, licenses, employees, and more and also includes important contact information.

Your Guide to Small Business

This guide is designed to help you start and grow your business and will provide information on a number of business topics from becoming an entrepreneur to understanding tax requirements.

Incorporation Overview and Facts

This guide covers the basics of incorporating including types of corporations, choosing a corporate name, advantages and disadvantages of incorporating and important contacts.

Hiring your First Employee

This guide covers the initial details everyone should understand before hiring their first employee.

Starter Company Plus 2019 Information Package

Information Package for Starter Company Plus 2019, please read before filling out an application for the program.

Starter Company Plus Application 2019

Starter Company Plus Application for 2019, please ensure that you have read the Information Package before filling out the application to ensure that you are eligible before applying.

Claiming Business Expenses

Overview of claiming your business income for self-employed individuals.

HST Overview

Quick overview on the process of registering for HST.

Intellectual Property In Canada

A quick glance in chart format of what each form of intellectual property represents in Canada.