High School Entrepreneurial Outreach Program (HSEOP)

The High School Entrepreneurial Outreach Program introduces high school students to the concepts of entrepreneurship and allows them to explore their ideas as potential solutions for problems that may one day be incorporated into a business venture.

Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Field Trips:

The Centre for Social Innovation is a social enterprise based in Toronto that specializes in the creation of shared workspaces for people or organizations with a social mission. High School students from the Nipissing and Parry Sound regions have the opportunity to work in the shared space, as well as tour the area to see entrepreneurs and organizations work within this shared space.

During the two day workshop, they learn to plan, manage, and operate a business venture of their choice. Students have the entire day to come up with ways in which they can sell their product or service to a specific market.

Youth Entrepreneur Leadership Camp:

The Youth Entrepreneur Leadership Camp allows high school students to gain knowledge and exposure to the concepts of entrepreneurship. The students take away key elements of starting their own business and pitching their ideas while being creative and innovative entrepreneurs.

Mike’s Bikes Business Simulation:

Mike’s Bikes is a business simulation game open to any high school who wishes to participate. The simulator features a unique structure which allows students to gradually build confidence and have control over their own company. Students will have the opportunity to determine the price and promotion for a single product as well as distribution, operations, product development, and finance.

Laurentian Learning Centre (LLC) Project:

Each year The Business Centre works with students at LLC to plan, manage, and operate a business venture of their choice. Past projects include garden benches, homemade rustic signs, in-school cantina, and holiday-themed retail pop up stores in the mall. Students work with a business plan canvas model and are involved in all aspects of decision making from product development, pricing, promotion, sales, and daily operations.